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Christine is a not so studious pharmacy student, motivated by her boredom and lock down nothingness, she decided  to start a  blog.

~ A Biography ~

Christine is a 20-year-old pharmacy student with an unfortunate habit of bumping off the people around her. She is passionate and creative, but can also be very introvert and a bit moody.

Her first victim was her brother, whom she killed because he was humming too loudly. (By kill — I mean I told him to be silent. Please don’t take it too seriously. lol)

​She is a Filipina who believes that karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.

She is currently in college, studying all the things related to medicine bla bla bla . She is allergic to none, and she doesn’t like spicy stuffs.

​Some of her hobbies include reading, yes, the fictional stuffs. Vlogging and editing videos whereas she posts on youtube. And lastly, food. Damn, she hell’a loves food. I don’t even want to explain it.

​Physically, Christine is in pretty good shape, before. I mean before, before the lock down. She has average-height with a not so pale skin, black hair and black eyes with a poor eyesight. She has a scar on her left knee from the tussle with her brother.

​She grew up in a working class neighborhood. Her mother left when she was young, leaving her with her father, and her brother.

Luckily at present, they met a new Mom and was blessed to have a new baby sister.

​She is currently in a relationship with no one. If ever she would have one, she hopes it would be her last. May the odds be ever in her favor.

​Christine’s best friend is a food enthusiast called Ciara Lucy. They have a very fiery friendship. She also hangs around with Tris Prior and Tobias Eaton. They enjoy stealing candies from babies together.

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