The House: Chapter 1 (A Short Horror Story)

I woke up in the sound of the creaking door as it opened with a woman greeting me a good morning.

We moved in a new house yesterday in the middle of the woods together with my dad and my little sister. The house was made of concrete and wood. As I stood up, I greeted the woman a nice morning. I suppose she was the new nanny that Dad was talking about the other day.

I went down to the kitchen to check on my sister. She was eating her breakfast. I did a quick glance on the table and grabbed a sandwich then I went back to my room.

As I was fixing my stuffs, I heard a knock on the door. It was the nanny.

“Hey, Peter. Can you help me move these stuffs to the attic?”

I was surprised the new nanny already knew my name.

“Sure”, I replied.

I went to the storage room and there were dusts everywhere. I saw a pile of sealed and old boxes covered with dust. I grabbed two and went up back to the attic.

As I walked passed by my Dad’s room, he saw me and asked,

“Peter, where are you going?”

“To the attic”


“To move these stuffs. The nanny asked me to help.” I responded.

My Dad stood in front of me, confused.

“What nanny? What are you talking about?”

I stood there and looked at my Dad in a long silence.

“Peter, we don’t have a nanny.”

The House: Chapter 2 (<– Click here to read)

© Christine Lucero. All Rights Reserved.

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