Leap, and you will know what it is to fly

“Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great.”

– Niccolo Machiavelli
The Prince

Not all things comes easy. There are a lot of things and situations people can’t change because that’s just how it is.

Some people are born in the wilderness of poverty. Some would wake up staring at the plain ceiling of hospital rooms, dull and empty. Some would even feel useless and would start to think, what’s the point of living?

At some point when it’s just too hard to bear, some would resolve on giving up on life, their dreams, and recognize the fact that they cannot be what they wanted to be, without even trying.

The big point here is that the world does not stop. It keeps spinning and spinning until, no one knows. It’s not an option to quit just by the reason of you being physically incapable or incomplete.

Look at the world, there are people who tried but didn’t give up. They even surpassed what is expected of them.

Take a look at Nick Vujicic.

He’s a man without arms and legs but still was able to inspire a lot of people by showing them that nothing is impossible.

There are people who was put down many times but they never give up, and there were those who failed, but also used that downfall as an inspiration to succeed in life.

‘Leap’ might also inspire you. It is a movie about a girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina and a boy who loves to invent things using his own creative mind. Together they started a journey of what their dreams are all about.

It serves a lesson that if you want to achieve something and if you put your heart and mind into it, then you can do it.

So don’t lose hope! If you want it, then go grab it.  If you will to do it, then you probably can do it.

No one’s stopping you from achieving that dream of yours. Some of us did not get that far, only those who believed and did not stop.

We were given challenges in life and that must not hinder us to be what we wanted to be.

Trust me, just put your heart into it with passion and perseverance, then everything will just  fall into place.

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