Us : Song of the Week

Us” is a song recorded by English singer-songwriter James Bay.

“I’ve been lucky enough to meet people all over the world and witness the phenomenal strength of crowds. I wrote this song to explore unity and inclusion. Looking through the lens of my own personal relationships, this song turned out to be a particularly important moment on the album for me.”

James Bay

“Tell me how to be in this world Tell me how to breathe in and feel no hurt Tell me how ’cause I believe in something I believe in us”

This song is so humane and inspiring. It’s about the equality in people and how we should accept each other. Like black people and LGBTQ couples. I saw them in the video. There is a boy who seems like he’s been abused and the guy with the scars in his chest- he’s transgender. And in the song he says that we will find a way out, basically if we’re going through rough times sooner or later there will be a light after the dark. This song isn’t just about romance. At least that’s what I think and I say this is such a beautiful song. Learn to accept if you don’t because we are all people and even if some are different they may be the kindest person on the earth.

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