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Dear readers, How are you guys? I haven't been able to update for more than a year because of college and we also moved to a new house last year. It has been very busy for the past year. I hope you are all doing well and safe. Good news is that I will be... Continue Reading →

The House: Chapter 5 (End)

Previously, Chapter 1 . Chapter 2 . Chapter 3 . Chapter 4 (<- Click any Chapter to read) This can't be happening. This isn't real. I turned away from him and started running. "Suit yourself, Peter!" he shouted as he watched me run away. I still can't believe what I saw. My heart pounded so... Continue Reading →

The House: Chapter 4

Previously, Chapter 1 . Chapter 2 . Chapter 3 (<- click any chapter to read) When I opened my eyes, I was not in the house. It was past midnight and the moon shone brightly under the night sky. It was the same dream I've had the last time. The only thing different was the... Continue Reading →

The House: Chapter 3

Previously, Chapter 1 . Chapter 2 (<- click any chapter to read) That morning, we had our breakfast. After we ate, I told Mindy to go play with her toys, then I spoke to Dad about what happened earlier. "Dad, I think there's a ghost in this house." I blurted out. "Peter... Ghosts aren't real."... Continue Reading →

The House: Chapter 2

Previously, Chapter 1. (<-- click here to read) The next day, I had a hard time waking up. I was up all night thinking about what happened yesterday. When Dad said there was no nanny, I came up to the attic. The woman wasn't there. I searched the whole house but she was nowhere to... Continue Reading →

The Scroll: A Short Story

Once upon a time, there lived a princess in a far away castle. The princess had a younger sister who was loved by everyone. Unlike the princess, her sister was beautiful, smart, and admired by everyone. Because of this the princess felt alone and unloved. She was jealous that all the attention was given to... Continue Reading →

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